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TASC 2022

The Taiwan-America Student Conference (TASC) is a student organized and led, intensive two-week conference that convenes a total of 30 diverse delegates from the United States, Taiwan and abroad. Through a unique combination of open cross-cultural collaborations and unfiltered immersion in Taiwanese culture, TASC nurtures critical reflection and collective brainstorming of creative yet tangible solutions to pressing global needs. More than a conference, TASC is an all-encompassing experience!
The core features that make up TASC include guest speakerscultural immersionroundtable topics and networking. The conference will provide participants with an abundance of activities to connect with professionals, enjoy Taiwanese culture, discuss global needs and goals, as well as meet and connect with past and present TASCers and join the ever-growing TASC alumni community.
To apply or for more information about TASC 2022, please refer to our website taiwan-america.org
TASC 2022

When: July 9-23, 2022 

Where: Virtual

Conference Fee: $350 USD

Please Note: The virtual program fee will cover admission to all online lectures and activities, as well as access to the Zoom platform.


Every year, TASC selects 5 topics to highlight. These topics are chosen from the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals – a 2030 agenda that serves as a call to action for all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. Roundtable topics for TASC 2022 are: Good Health and Well-BeingQuality EducationGender EqualityClean Water and SanitationResponsible Consumption and Production


USA/International Eligibility & Application (EN) US Application 

Taiwan/International Eligibility & Application (CH) TW Application 
Please Note: International applicants are welcome to apply through either portal. A $25 application fee will apply now.
Please note that second-round applications are open until the end of JuneApplications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis with limited seat availability.

6/21 Fujen Catholic University Bachelor’s Program in Interdisciplinary Studies Online Admission Info Session

Taiwan’s most exciting interdisciplinary program!

Fu Jen’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program, featuring cross-cultural management, strongly equips students
with the knowledge, skills, and practical training in the business studies and liberal arts.
Now we are going to hold an online Admissions Information Session on Tuesday, June 21st, 11:00 a.m. to
12:00 p.m. (Taiwan Time, GMT+8).
The schedule is as follows:

Time Schedule
10:40 ~ 11:00 Ready
11:00 ~ 11:05 Video
11:05 ~ 11:10 Opening remarks by Dr. Albert TANG, Dean of the Office of International
Education, Fu Jen Catholic University and Dr. Jane WU, Director of
International Student Center,
Fu Jen Catholic University
11:10 ~ 11:25 Introduction to BPIS by Dr. Ariana CHANG and Dr. Adolfo WU
11:25 ~ 12:00 Q & A

If you can attend the session, please kindly reply to the google form by June 20th.
Google form: https://forms.gle/McELkHdym9nL1cP46

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
If you are interested in BPIS program, but you cannot join the Online Admissions Information Session,
please feel free to contact us!
Ines HUANG, Bachelor’s Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University
Tel: +886 2 2905 2507
e-mail: [email protected]
For more information: https://bpis.fju.edu.tw
International Student Admissions: http://idsa.oie.fju.edu.tw
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2022 International Bachelor Degree Program (National Tsing Hua University) Summer Camp Application

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We are the 2022 National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) International Bachelor Degree Program (IBP) Summer Camp Committee. This year, we are holding an international camp for students around the globe.

NTHU is known as a comprehensive research university, offering a wide range of degree programs in science, technology, engineering, humanities, social sciences, and management, all guided by our slogan, “自強不息 厚德載物” which means “Constantly strengthen and cultivate ourselves.” NTHU is frequently listed as one of East Asia’s best institutions, and it is widely regarded as a major leader-incubator.

Our International Bachelor Degree Program (IBP) is an undergraduate English-taught program at National Tsing Hua University that provides international students with a quality learning environment and guarantees our students to have opportunities to be exposed to a global perspective in Taiwan.

Based on that fascinating foundation, we decided to launch an international camp with the aim to raise young people’s awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by focusing on:


Encouraging them to define, develop, and also evaluate such concepts and ideas for the intercultural world to become future leaders to keep on finding ways to improve themselves and also flow out their ideas and plans for the 21st century.

Critical Thinking

Strengthen our leaders of the future generation in that area by navigating them through a variety of diverse social problems of the world.

Immersed and Inspired Young Generations

Creating a community of diverse other future leaders from around the world with different knowledge and backgrounds, lots of different perceptions can be found. It’s always a challenge to learn something new, but with new bright companions and our beloved intelligent faculty staff, we are all eager to grow together.


Students between the age of 14-22 are eligible to register, and below is the application fee:


Early Bird Applicants: 10 USD

General Applicants: 15 USD

Fee Waive Applicants: 0 USD

The lectures, which are a combination of academic and practical knowledge, will be held by NTHU’s professors from various departments.

We hope this letter will reach potential students. Feel free to register and find out more about this summer camp on our website:


2022 NTHU Summer Camp Committee

email: [email protected]

The 16th International Senior High Schools Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

2022 Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest


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Do you want to be a leader and contribute to the world in the future? If the answer is yes, then you should think one step ahead and more creatively. In order to make good ideas realized, you have to prepare yourself with physical strength, leadership, broad knowledge and be adventurous. Now, if you think you are qualified for the above features, join us and prove yourself through being the challenger of the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest.

Although this is a hands-on contest, the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest adopts the structure of computer role-playing games. With the ingredients of adventure and innovation, not only Taiwan but also many other countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and 10 others have already taken it as one of the most important activities every year.

This contest requires students to combine their knowledge, physical strength, hardiness, creativity and teamwork to fulfill the ultimate requirement of many tasks. The best team among the finalists soon will become the new hero among the peer groups. This creative way of utilizing what students have learned at school will make learning more interesting and definitely give students a complete different experience.

We sincerely invite you to join the 16th International Ironman Intelligent creative contest. Once you touch the spirit of the contest, you will love it just as those who had attended before.


The Internet Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest is a 36-hour non-stop competition. All the teams must go through several tasks to reach the end of the puzzle. During the process, hands-on work and imagination are equally crucial in tracing the clues. You will utilize what you have learned in school creatively, and challenge yourself and create your own magic. Due to epidemic situation, the contest will adopt internet form to avoid long travel for each team. However, all team members need to be together in order to work out all kinds of requirements.


During this 36-HOUR period of time, all teams need to work out all problems by themselves. All teams will receive real material package before the contest begins. These are the material needed during the contest at different stages. Some of hand-on work is required to recover the clues from the material package. Also, there are challenges from various tasks to earn “virtual money”. Virtual money can be used to buy virtual materials from “virtual shop”. There are three main tasks and all tasks involve knowledge from natural science, social science and physical fitness. Therefore, teammates must have different specialties.