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U.S. Teachers in Taiwan

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Foreign English Teachers Project for Taiwan’s Public Schools

The Ministry of Education, in an effort to provide a better English learning environment for Taiwan students in rural areas has announced a project to bring in qualified foreign English teachers to Taiwan for teaching in public elementary and junior high schools, especially for those in rural areas.

Foreign English Teachers: Requirements and Employment Conditions

The requirements and employment conditions for teachers of the project are as below. People who are interested and qualified (having a bachelor or higher degree and a teaching certificate) can inquire our division in Chicago.

  • Qualifications Required
  1. English native speaker
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above
  3. Teaching certificate
  4. No criminal record
  • Employment Period

One academic year or at least one semester.

  • Remunerations and Other Benefits

Air Fare
One economy-class round trip ticket for single.
Two economy-class round trip tickets for family.

Housing Allowance/Dormitory
NT$5,000 for single per month
NT$10,000 for family per month

Health Care Benefits
Health insurance and labor insurance

Monthly Salary ( For School year 2017; depending on teaching experience)
Holders of doctoral degrees: NT$ 73,025~91,420
Holders of master’s degrees: NT$ 69,965~86,820
Holders of bachelor’s degrees: NT$ 62,720~78,045

Teachers who have taught for 12 months, whose annual performance are graded A, are each given an extra month’s pay as bonus; those whose performance are graded B, are each given an extra 1/2 month’s pay as bonus.

  • Living Costs

Total expenses could be as little as NT$15,000 for a single, more realistic to expect NT$20,000~30,000 per month.

  • Work week

40 hours/8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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