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The Visiting Teacher from Taiwan Program

The importance of Chinese language acquisition in an increasingly globalized world can not be underestimated. In the last several years we have seen a marked increase in the number of American educational institutions that offer Chinese language study ¡V particularly at the high-school level. By equipping your students with critically important language skills at an early stage, your Chinese language program not only broadens their perspectives but also gives them a competitive edge among university applicants.

Taiwan has been at the forefront of Chinese language education. Its rigorous Chinese language teacher training programs are recognized world-wide to produce teachers of unsurpassed skill. Because Taiwan is a democratic country with an education system that is very similar to that of the U.S., its language teachers are well suited to the American classroom.

We invite you to participate in an exciting international exchange: the Visiting Teacher from Taiwan Program. Through this program, school districts are able to recruit Chinese language teachers from Taiwan to teach at the elementary, middle and high-school levels. A native speaker brings an authenticity and international perspective to the classroom – from which students, parents and educators can all benefit. At a time of growing interest in Chinese language, this is an important opportunity to fill the need for highly-qualified Chinese language teachers in schools, or even establish an enriching educational exchange with a school in Taiwan.

K-12 Schools

Language instruction has been proven to be most effective at earlier stages of child development. It is when a learner’s brain is still growing that language skills can be acquired and solidified most rapidly, and this is why K-12 language instruction is so important.

The Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) provides an efficient, cost-effective program whereby American K-12 schools can recruit Chinese teachers from Taiwan to meet their Chinese language instruction needs. The MOE assists U.S. school districts in recruitment stages.


  • MOE provides the Chinese language instructor with international airfare
  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago (TECO) can make book donations to hiring school districts
  • School districts provide teacher’s salary and benefits


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